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CNN: Bio Massa Centrales using massive CO2.

Today Majlie De Puy Kamp wrote this very interesting article at @CNN and we love to share it with you. Most important paragaphs for us are: In 1996, scientists at the United Nations devised a method to measure global carbon emissions. To simplify the process and avoid double counting, they suggested emissions from burning biomass…
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juli 11, 2021 0

How many nuclear plants we need in the Netherlands if we all drive electrical vehicles

According to the ANWB1, there are already about 150,000 electric cars in the Netherlands and I am seriously concerned about the irresponsible rapid growth. In the Netherlands, around 8,700,000 cars are registered and now imagine that in 40 years time all these cars run on electricity. A simple calculation then teaches us that in the…
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december 24, 2020 0


Today we asked the DCMR (Climate and Environment Desk Rijnmond) for the flaring permits they issued to business in Rijnmond (literally Rhine Mouth). Rijnmond is the conurbation surrounding the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The DCMR works at the request of local and regional authorities, and aims for a liveable and safe region for the people who live and…
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december 21, 2020 0


Measurements gathered by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission between January and August 2018 have been averaged to reveal formaldehyde in the atmosphere. This map is based on ‘vertical column’ concentrations. This air pollutant is released into the atmosphere from forest fires and wood processing, for example. It is an important intermediate gas in the oxidation of…
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december 18, 2020 0

Onshore US Operators to Report Flaring Data today wrote today about a coalition of U.S. oil and gas companies called The Environmental Partnership that launched a new program under which they will report data to gauge annual progress in reducing flaring in their upstream operations, the American Petroleum Institute (API) reported Wednesday. Read more about this at

december 17, 2020 0

Amazon Tribe files lawsuit against Chinese firm over gas flaring

Today in the Bangkok Post an article about an Amazon Tribe filing a lawsuit against state-owned Chinese oil company PetroOriental. Learn more about this lawsuit at

december 17, 2020 0

Zero Routine Flaring Monitor

In 2015 the Worldbank started the “Zero Routine Flaring by 2030” initiative for governments, oil companies, and development institutions. The World Bank encourages relevant industry organizations to participate as advocates and to help meet the Initiative’s objectives.  At you find the countries, companies and institutions who signed the initiative. Nevertheless at almost a daily based…
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december 17, 2020 0

Where is the exhaust?

We start with the simplest: is the filler opening of the fuel tank on the right then the exhaust is left and vice versa. The reason for this seems very simple. The exhaust is hot and is therefore placed on the other side than the filling opening of the petrol tank. In case something goes…
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augustus 20, 2018 0