Where is the exhaust?

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Where is the exhaust?

augustus 20, 2018 Uncategorized 0

We start with the simplest: is the filler opening of the fuel tank on the right then the exhaust is left and vice versa. The reason for this seems very simple. The exhaust is hot and is therefore placed on the other side than the filling opening of the petrol tank. In case something goes missing when refueling.

But no matter how simple this rule may be, it does not always end. There are some cars, including a recent Volvo model, where the exhaust is on the same side as the petrol tank cap. It also wants to happen that a car has two exhausts. We can find this especially in so-called sportier models. Then usually one of the exhausts on the left and the other outlet on the right. The ‘just in case’ does not appear here.

And sometimes it works differently, because then the two exhausts are in the middle together. However, the fact remains that with most (passenger) cars the simple rule of right filler / left exhaust and left filler / right exhaust applies.

What ever the reason it would be great if the exhaust is on the left in cars that are used in countries where they drive at the right side because then the air pollution will be less for the people who live near the road. See also the two images below.